North West Homecoming [1]

I grew up in the northwest of Christchurch and it was my home for 29 years starting from when we as a family moved from the North Island on the transfer of my father to become the manager of Westpac Papanui in 1974. My parents sold our house in Ilam Road in 2003 for $245,000.… Continue reading North West Homecoming [1]

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Home Heating: Radiant Vs (Oil) Column Vs Convector

I’ve always had predominantly or exclusively electric heating everywhere I’ve lived. There are quite a few different types of electric heaters available out there. The three types listed here are the best ones, in my view. I’ll briefly discuss the reasons for excluding other types: Fan heater. The cheapest models seldom last more than one… Continue reading Home Heating: Radiant Vs (Oil) Column Vs Convector